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The INVICTUS Stream Podcast

The INVICTUS Stream Podcast is an Actual Play Web Series which Live-streams every Wednesday Night on YouTube. This Podcast consists of edited and re-cut Live Plays from their Wednesday streams. The INVICTUS Stream is hosted by best friends: Harlan Guthrie, Justin James, Jo Fallak, Alex Guthrie & Chris Viseau who enjoy gaming in all its forms. Each host has their own unique personality and GMing style, bringing their own ideas about what an RPG is and how a story is told. Over three years ago INVICTUS was created so that regardless of distance we could still sit together around a virtual table and do what we love.

Our style may be unscripted, unorthodox and sometimes unfiltered but it's our vision and the way we play games together. So sit back, enjoy, have a lark or a laugh, grab a drink and play along as we continue to do our very best to entertain you.

See You 'Round The Table!

Nov 4, 2019

Govel, Necro & Ortho stand in the tight hallway of the forge, the large buckets carrying bits of iron slowly passing them as they contemplate their next move. Far below them the Duke stands with another Giant, speaking in guttural tones.

Somewhere within the darkness, somewhere beyond the sea of orcs, slaves & giants...

Nov 4, 2019

As our heroes entered the inside of the mountain, the elevator began it's descent once again into the mines below. The three shared a knowing look...

Beneath lay danger; beneath lay halls of untold horrors, creatures that crushed frail bones and maimed even the most seasoned warriors. Monsters that lived in shadow and...

Nov 4, 2019

The Savage Frontier is a cold, rugged, sparsely populated land of snow-capped mountains, rocky hills, sprawling forests, and foggy vales. Isolated strongholds, ancient burial mounds, and the ruins of many forgotten empires dot this vast landscape.

It is a place where heroes die, legends fade and stories...

Nov 4, 2019

WELCOME TO SURVIVO EL TROPICO! Can you survive the horrors, twists and turns of the TROPICS?!



The INVICTUS Stream is hosted by best friends: Harlan Guthrie, Justin James, Jo Fallak & Chris...

Nov 4, 2019

The year is 1973, and England is sporting some good vibes.

There is a feeling of global togetherness as Edward Heath, our fine conservative PM, successfully negotiates our entry into the European Economic Community (EEC).

The war on Vietnam has come to an end as Nixon signs the Paris Peace accords and American troops...